Re-springing Your Step

Saw the prompt this morning and I realized that I needed to think about that…. put it off, tried again a few times and then forgot about it, maybe on purpose, til now.

First thing that comes to mind is that once upon a time, in another life, I used to ask people regularly, “when was the last time you did something for the first time?” Many people registered mild anger – misdirected, of course, but nevertheless anger. I saw some heads snap back in surprise. Some people just looked around for the other 4 heads that must have been growing out of my shoulders as this was such a far-fetched notion.

Second thing that comes to mind is that those first things I have done recently haven’t been the same kind of first things that I used to do… They are now much more… quiet? Less show-offish?

More for sheer survival. Maybe that’s why having a giant bouncy spring in my step seemed hard to find.

No, I’m not starving, homeless or penniless. Far from any of those. But there are different kinds of survival, non? And different kinds of firsts. And different ways to spring back.

So back to the prompt, what was something that put a spring back into my step? How ’bout this little blog? Quiet. Less show-offish than many other activities. But something that showed me that my former life isn’t really as far away as I imagined it to be. And my future life is happening as we speak.

Thanks for being part of it, even if for a few moments.