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A Moment in Time

A photo of a photo was the last one I took.

Found more than I had expected when I went through a bunch of photos in a box in the basement. I was shocked to find just how attractive I was. I was shocked to see how much fun I had, that I had friends and that I was able to recall a vast number of people who liked me, even loved me.

Even the strongest of us will forget who you really are when you hear nothing but how really weak you are.

Found the giant surprise that I am still am really attractive (even if I don’t look exactly like this anymore), and interesting (well only up to a point on that one – I’d rather hear you talk and learn all I can. Which might not make me interesting but it sure gives me lots of things to think about and learn) and fun.

I took a photo of one of the photos because I wanted to share that very idea of rediscovery with someone that I have known through all of the being, the forgetting and now the joyful remembering. Someone not connected with the photo, but connected with me.

Another surprise was two years ago who just by chance I found out that my accomplice in this photo had tragically passed away, leaving behind a young family. We hadn’t spoken in years, as there was no need to. I vaguely remember the last time we spoke, also by chance, giving the opportunity to put to rest the ugly parts of an ugly breakup so many years ago.

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Thank you Perry, that was a fun day.