Playlist of the Week

Only one song this week… just the same song over and over and over. And for real. Not a song that is *representative* of my week, but a song that *consumed* my week. The Gummy Bear Song. I swallowed it whole.

Like a bag of haribo that ‘went down the wrong way’.


And the worst part was that it was my idea to listen to the song in the first place. And also that I can’t stand those sticky little guys.

The week started off cheerfully enough, with the catchy tune. (But then again the bubonic plague was also ‘catchy’, non?)

Branched out into multiple languages of the same version. Caught myself happily singing (outloud) “Ich bin dein Gummy Bear” while pumping gas into my car. Ooops.

Did some dancing with WonderChild, prepping for a ‘fiesta pop’. (Oleao!)

Realized by Thursday I was getting pretty fed up with the whole thing.

Saturday we are all sick – really bad colds and ready to throttle anyone who dares mention the word gummy or bear.

A whole week. A yummy tummy funny lucky gummy bear week…