Play Lexicographer

I cannot take credit for this word – my lovely child came up with this years ago after a brutal day at school. At the age of 9. (You may remember that school is not a great place for children at either end of the bell curve of everything. Or for parents of kids like that. Trust me.) My child learned early on that while some people can be absolutely lovely, full of integrity and kindness, there are many, many who are not. Kids and adults alike. My no-longer-9-years-old kid still has an absolute laser-like ability to read people and an even more incredible ability to blow off those who fall outside the lines of fair, kind and with integrity – all while being courteous. Let’s just say a child that is more mature than I am.

But enough about My Brilliant Kid.

Shitty + Idiot.
Someone that treats others like shit.

Not surprising is that she didn’t learn the first word here at home, she learned it at school from the kid with “anger management issues” that was allowed to swear and name call because, well, the principal never would give her (or us as parents) a straight answer. The kid was behaved that way for the simple reason that he was allowed to.

So shidiot it is. Know anyone like that? Then take a lesson from a kid, blow them off with courtesy and enjoy the wonders of the rest of your day.

Or, if appropriate, stand up to the shidiot (in the politest way possible) and make a difference in someone’s life.

Let me know if you use the word.