Burning Down the House

What would I grab if the house were burning? Nothing.

Things are just that – things. It’s just stuff. Some of it may be very *nice* stuff, very *expensive* stuff, very *sentimental* stuff, but it’s still just stuff… and that’s why we have insurance, to replace the stuff.

Of course there are things that I really love, the furniture my late father made for me. The trinkets, drawings, cards etc that WonderChild has produced over the years. Various reminders of my life in the past.

But those are just that – things from the past, not things from the future.

Full disclosure, I’ve been on a minimalist mission to get down to 100 possessions for quite some time.  This is hard, oh so very hard to do.

I mean really, what are the parameters? My car. Does it count if I put it in my husband’s name?  But then he’ll have 3 cars and somehow that’s cheating.  Dishes – I only get one bowl because that’s more useful than a plate? What about when guests come over? BYODishware? And my eyeglasses? Feels like that shouldn’t count as an item because I need them. .. and underwear? 7 pairs? 1 pair to wash every night? (And why is underwear in a pair anyway when it’s only one?)

So maybe asking the neighbours to turn up the stereo while we do the Hustle around the burning house would be a good thing after all. A fresh start. A kind of make over.

Like the pioneers moving west. Or immigrants leaving a war-torn homeland to move here for freedom, peace and stability. Or gee am I ever lucky that this is my biggest problem today – a hypothetical fire and whether I need 3, 5 or 7 pairs of underwear.

How about you? Are you as lucky as I am?