Two Right Feet

The first half hour of my day. No rituals, no musts, just a very big preference to be Alone. Yes, Alone with a capital A.

I remember someone mentioning that the first person seen in the day always had an effect on the day, good or bad. Not that I’m going to let one interaction set me up for success or failure for 24 hours, but I’d rather just spend time alone with myself.

How many people are arguing with themselves? How many people are so harsh and judgmental of themselves, critical in a way that they wouldn’t be of someone else they love? I know the type, maybe am one of them from time to time.

Being alone gives me the chance to set myself up for the day, to remember that I am the boss of myself and my day *throughout* the day. If I feel that control slipping away I can bring it right back because after all, it is *my* day.

Whether I’m newsing (yes, a new word that means checking the news online), stretching, running, planning, adding or finishing something, I like to be by myself.

What happens if someone else here is awake with me? Let’s go out for a coffee and talk about it.