Brain Power

Full capacity, full usage of the brain. Can’t process that with the % that I am currently using.

I think will 100% ON, I would probably know exactly what I was supposed to be doing with all of that ability. Right now, however…

I’ll try another daily prompt. Gee, what was my favourite childhood book and did it influence the person I am now? I can’t recall which one would be my favourite, but I *do* know that all of the books I have read, all of the things I have seen, places I’ve been, make me real keen, all of that theme have influenced me. Even the choice of not finishing a book, or buying it and giving it away because I changed my mind after one page, all of those things have changed me.

For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer. Blabbity blah.

This has been my biggest concern about writing a blog. So much of what is out there – books, blogs, movie, tv, conversations – is trite and overdone. Selfish or self-righteous. Nothing worse than editing your work and thinking yuck that is boring.

Maybe it’s time for lunch….