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Bone of Contention

Am slowly, slowly making my way around this blogging and then Kaplooie – I see that the daily post of January 11th was something that I missed – a Bone of Contention. I could swear that I wrote a post every single day since I started; I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing and have looked forward to it upon awakening each morning – HOW could I have missed a whole day? Was I THAT busy?

I had indeed written a daily according to the prompt which was describe yourself as a Sandwich and now says write about the opposing side of something controversial and then describe how you felt about it.

I’m just so relieved that my marbles aren’t as far apart as I thought they were that I don’t feel like writing about controversy. I’m also not so self-indulgent to think that how I felt about writing the devil’s advocate point of view of a topic is even remotely interesting, not even to myself.

I’d rather point out the sweeping difference in world attention to Boka Haram and Charlie. Both tragic beyond belief. But where is the international support for Nigeria? This is not a religious stance on my part.

I’d rather point out the sweeping difference in world attention to the 9/11 attacks in the US and the fact that 20,000 people die everyday from malnutrition. This is not a religious nor a political stance on my part.

On my part I’m finally starting to wake up to the notion that there are other people in the world, in my neighbourhood (hey – there’s a u in my neighbourhood!), my country, heck even out there on the internet (and not just the journalists, weight loss gurus or penis enhancing experts).

Has taken me long enough, don’t you think?