And so we meet again, Trial and Error…

Found out how to do this today, Press This(needs an exclamation point)!

Let me clarify – I found the press this feature, and used it on this wonderful WordPress site I’ve been pouring over for the last year.

Don’t say this too loudly, but I never wanted a fish in the first place. I have enough to look after and didn’t need to have something else to keep alive and/or yet another person/animals need for me to place above my own.

Regardless, I took over the fish upkeep about 5 years ago. Yes, we’ve had the same goldfish for about 10 years.  All was going swimmingly until about a year ago.  Fish was at the bottom of the tank for about a week. Google this, google that, just like when the others (the non-fish) were dying. What to look for? What will happen? What will it be like upon the last breath? Will I be there? How will I explain it was like? Will anyone want to know? You know, the regular stuff.

Found The Goldfish Tank and lo and behold, Fish was constipated. Who knew?  I am the life of parties, let me tell you, now that I have this information to share.

So a year later, Fish is still fine, a few ups and downs to balance a food change, water changes and vacuuming up le poop du poisson. Great site, fantastic information – especially finding out that Goldfish can tell apart different faces!

Fishie Jan 2015

I still don’t really want a goldfish but will admit that I was pretty worried about the little thing when it was at the bottom of the tank. And I will also admit that I now like to watch Fish eat supper. But don’t tell anyone.

Just like you’d say “a herd of cows”, you’d say “a troubling of goldfish”!

via Goldfish Facts – Top 10 Goldfish Facts – The Goldfish Tank.

The most important this I learned? How very little food they need. Seriously – just a couple of little flakes each day – and *that’s all*. They look like they are starving but they aren’t.